How to change date of a file

Has anyone gave the excuse to the teacher, “I have done it, but the Internet crashed and was unable to send the email,” or already told to his boss, “the report has been sent to your email yesterday,” even before he began to do it.

Well in these and many other cases, it can actually help you when you have a way to change date file, there is a possibility to change the date of creation or modification or file access.

For that I leave the link to the page of a small application that serves to make it even in a simple and fast and free, without needing to install anything, support drag and drop, and have tha ability to manage various files in simultaneous.

Link to download the program FileDate Changer v1.1 (20KB)

Link to the page of the author

By the way these page have a lot of helpful tiny application that deserve a look it can be utile in future.

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