Introdution Gear Calculation

In indutrial sector, mechanical maintenance have a impotante task in flow of production. After the diagnosis and the detection of a the defect,  perform disassembly, cleaning of components, replacement of faulty components, assembly, lubrication, and final adjustments of the machine.
However, often there are no spare parts available to fix the machine.

Many companies maintain some machine tools designed to produce mechanical parts for spares for machines under maintenance.
This is a situation that may be occurring now in your business: the machine was dismantled and realized that one of his gear is irreparably damaged.
Do you think you would be able to collect data of this element of the machine from the remaining fragments and run the calculations for the construction of a new gear?

Click here to have access to a manual that will help in this task

This document it is a spreadsheet in Excel (xls) used to calculate the transmission of pulleys and gears composed of pinion and gear.

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