Projects and Prototypes

Here you will find my portfolio, some projects and prototypes developed by me, in order to refine techniques and studying materials. If you are interested in some of our work contact us by email or the form on the contact section.

cncCNC Router

CNC developed in collaboration with the staff of forumGuiaCNC

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CNC Milling Machine

Small CNC milling machine built entirely with recycled materials, such phase control drive, engines common printer, structure in iron and aluminum.

Applications Milling soft materials, pcb´s, balsa wood, polystyrene, acrylic etc. Read More

Support structure for photovoltaic modules, self-orientable, and adpatavel, which promises to increase power generation.
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Pegeot 2006

Changing a model Nikko RC to use lipo battery, servo steering and application control receiver RC 2.4 Ghz.