Active Sun Tracker

Orientation of photovoltaic modules with stepper motors and Teleregister of active power.

  • Software (brevemente)
  • Test (brevemente)


Introduction and Acknowledgments

This work presents a photovoltaic module installed in sun follower. To meet the objectives of this project was created a physical structure to test photovoltaic modules of different sizes with stepper motors and a microcontroller to adjust the angles of azimuth and elevation of a photovoltaic module. To read the active power and make teleregister, we implemented a wireless communication technology that has the name of  ZigBee. The whole system of control and power is fed through two 12V 6V batteries in series, which are loaded by the panel (outside the measurement period) through a charge controller.

To all who made ​​it possible: – Mr. José Fernandes for support and clarification provided during the work. –  Mr. Manuel Barros for their support and clarification provided during the work. – Mr. Pedro Neves for collaboration, monitoring and time available during the course of our project. –  Mr. Hugo Pestana for their collaboration during the realization of our project. – Mr. Hugo Ribeiro for initial collaboration in the realization of our project. – Joel Gonçalves fellow member of the working group. –  Mr. Bruno Cartaxo colleague also a member of the working group, which was tireless and outstanding team member without whom this project would´t have had the same success. Luis Rafael – To our friends and colleagues and all that somehow contributed to this work. The most sincere thanks. Luis Rafael