CNC milling machine made from junk

1st CNC milling machine made by me from scratch with scrap.

This machine was built in just three months, the idea came one day when I was preparing to send some dot matrix printers for scrap, and decided to take some components (such as drivers and guides as well as all the electronics) before we discard them.

This article you can observ the development of this machine.

Electronics for stepper motors, soon concluded that it would be easier to implement a Phase-type controller drive and using it Unipolar motors that I had, I chose a circuit presented in the forum (CNCMania). This board had come to show extremely simple to implement, and able to perform its functions. To limit the current in the motors, so you can feed them with a higer voltage used a circuit found in CNCmania, Revolution 1.0 .

X, Y Table For the linear guides I used aluminum sheet that has proved little friction in contact with iron plate but is starting to show some resistance to abrasion caused by rubbing them on the table. He designed the dimensions of the machine and the type of construction, by testing the engines as well as we had already in electronic completion.

Z axis.

The electrical box, mount a power supply, as well as the board that I made, and a coller that helps to cool the heatsink plate of transistors in current control.

Structure, was built in square iron tube, welded, the chosen configuration was table moving, moving because of the weight is minimal.

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