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CNC Plasma Cutter

 CNC Plasma Cutter

First´s tests of plasma cutting machine mounted at my cnc my table.

Initially designed for use with cnc milling spindle and now adapted for cutting plasma torch I add a collection tray slag with the possibility of using water to minimize the gas.

Invideo below I show the cut galvanized steel sheet 1.5mm thick, 1200mm / m but the initial tests the table cnc supports speeds up to 3000mm / m, the plasma source available up to 10mm mild steel and the area of ​​500x500mm, the control software that I was used is TurboCNC and the post-processor used in the creation whit ArtCam was modified by me in order to tune the control of the torch as it is carried out tests with the machine.

Some test job´s done with this machine.

plasma cutter demo3